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Supporting a Social Issue

This ad put on by the Peace Corps is supporting LET GIRLS LEARN in the spirit of women's month. Millions of women globally do not have an education and this ad is striving to bring attention to the issue. I believe that this is a genuine attempt to bring attention to Let Girls Learn. The Peace Corps is known as a good cause and volunteering is an honor to take part in. There are no clues to make this advisement seem like a marketing tactic. There is in fact congruity between the brand and the issue. The peace corps' approach is to teach something valuable to those in need. The ad is bringing attention to that exact thing. Women in third world countries can make a bigger difference if they were educated. The peace corps is offering a chance to become involved through this message. They provide three ways to become involved. They promote a web address to learn more about the issue. They also provide a donation address to help fund the issue and also provide a hashtag (#letgirlslearn & #peacecorps) to share your experience involving let girls learn.

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