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Positioning in the fitness market

Heart Health For Those With Heart campaign by California Almonds

In February's copy of People magazine this ad was posted by the company California Almonds. Considered one of the healthier

choices of nuts, this ad clearly fits within the companies psychographic qualities. California Almonds is positioning themselves into

the fitness sector. Two women are shown in athletic wear while doing what looks like a color run. The color scheme of the ad is

mostly pink and some nutrition facts are explained in detail. The overall message of the advertisment is positioning themeselves to

target athletic females. The fitness sector has exploded in recent years as well as the idea of a healthier diet. Besides the fact that the

ad screams "healthy" and active the ad also seems to play on women's ego which makes it that much more eye catching to the



People (February 2017). Volume 87, No. 7

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