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Fresno State promotion

In this post we will focus on promotions that are related to Fresno State. I will be focusing on The Collegian which is the Fresno state newspaper. When you think of CSUF as a brand, the iconic bulldog and athletics come to mind. An ad for Juice It Up is shown with a 50% off promotion on smoothies. I feel the ad itself is very plain and not attracting, but there is potential. The newspaper channel in media seems to be coming to a slow and they show the social media links to promote itself on different channels. Given that Fresno State is heavily invested in athletics, they should have star players market for the food and beverage business around campus. Upsides of the smoothie ad are that color is used and the size if the picture is noticeable. This given promotion is targeting college couple because it is a BOGO 50% off and the picture says "me + bae" which is clearly pointed at couples. I feel the ad could be much more effective if placed on a different channel and i'm sure they displayed it on the social media pages. Overall, I feel that The Collegian is not using this opportunity to its potential. Taking a guess I would estimate that it cost $30-$40 to be featured in a newspaper ad. After researching I found that it costs about $44 to have a 2" by 3" ad in the newspaper. Given the larger size of this ad, it probably cost closer to $80.

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