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Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Coming to a university is an opportunity to be involved with the community and culture. I joined greek life because I wanted to be involved in more than just my studies and to feel the sense of community for my self.

After initiation into Pike I hit the ground running. I ran for secretary and won the position. After our fundraiser at Vintage Days I realized this was the position I wanted. The following semester I ran for fundraising chair and still hold this position to date.

Last year during vintage days I started as a helper but considering my background in the restaurant industry I took lead after a rough first day. We rearranged our operations to increase flow and rebounded from the first day. At the end of the fundraiser we managed to raise $3000 in cold hard cash after all expenses. We evaluated our performance and documented both the things we did right and what we needed to improve.

My plan is to double our profits this upcoming year. Having documentation of our previous mistakes will allow us to correct them and put forth greater effort.

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