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Jiffy Lube coupon

I received my mail today and after going through it I found this Jiffy Lube coupon flyer. Coupons are a great form of promotion because it gives the consumer an incentive to purchase now. This will increase incoming cash and get inventory off the shelves. Coupons also give first time users the chance to try Jiffy Lube services at a cheaper price. On one side of the promotion they show their slogan across the top, "We Change Everything". Under that they show their other benefits and strengths like mobile coupons, knowledgable service teams, no appointments necessary, and premium products. Finally the coupons are aligned across the bottom and on the reverse side they show location and contact information. I think these promotions are more effective because it gives the consumer incentive to buy now compared to seeing a commercial on tv that does not offer i discounted rate. Even though they are offering discounted price on their services I believe news paper ads are much less expensive than advertisements. Beyond that I feel it is a bait and hook tactic to get you in and end up providing many other services that aren't discounted.

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