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Over the summer of 2016 I marketed for Northstar Home Security systems. My position was to recruit door-to-door salesmen and increase company awareness at home shows. I also sold door-to-door to gain experience.

I created flyers that attracted those who wanted to gain money, experience, and work on their own schedule. I used my personal network to distribute these flyers and also posted them via social media and on boards through out campus at Fresno State. There was immediate feedback. My team will use the same strategy with changes in the upcoming season to further recruit.

Northstar also sets a booth at the Fresno Home Show annually. On my first visit I noticed the booth could attract much more traffic if minor changes were made. I moved the Northstar logo high to increase visibility. We placed blue lighting under the displays and had our sales guys stand outside the booth to engage with those walking by. With these minor changes we were able to surpass the sales goal for that home show.

As mentioned, I also sold door-to-door. I gained priceless experience and grew mentally. I gained listening and negotiation skills. The ability to engage with the customer and close a sale. After a lot of practice I was able to do all this and actually sound human without being that pesky salesmen. It took time but the experience was very valuable.

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