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Cannes Lion Winners ~Jagermeister CoolPack~

The Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity is a worldwide event for the creative communications, advertising and related fields. This year many great designs from electrical components to bricks were featured for the first time but the new bottle design by Jagermeister appealed to me the most. Since late 2016, Jagermeister has been working with Opperman Weiss and together they featured Jagermeister's CoolPack bottle design at the Cannes Lions Festival. The problem was drinking the German bitter liqueur at room temperature when the beverage is meant to be indulged at -18* C. At this temperature the complex herbal flavors taste their best and they needed to find a solution to this problem. The solution is in the name of the new bottle "CoolPack" design. It is just that, a bottle in the shape of the typical ice pack you use to keep your lunch cold. This design with proper labeling is made to encourage the consumer to keep the beverage at the correct temperature and as a result the message is easily understood. Most alcoholic beverages are meant to be served at low temperatures and no other beverage companies have taken this approach making the Jagermeister CoolPack unique against the pack. We are yet to see a "copycat" in the industry but with the genius idea I will not be surprised to see competitors following Jagermeister's footsteps in one form or another.

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